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American-candy-bars-not-available-in-canada, i have a friend that lives in canada and i wanted to send her a package with some small gifts and some food/candy. i'm just curious as to what the united states has that canada doesn't.. “cannot get” is pretty strong, as there are almost always ways if you’re resourceful enough (cross-border trip, online shopping, specialty stores), but for sake of simplicity, here are some of the candies and other snacks that your typical superma..., well, for a start zero bars, payday, almond joy and mounds, butterfinger (which you can find sometimes in canada but not always) weird flavoured m&ms (caramel is yummy) and more..

R/canadia: where john candy was from. ... hard to say, because the us tends to have a lot of regional snacks. i just moved back to canada from 4 years in maryland, so i'd say stuff like old bay chips, berger cookies and sweetzels spiced wafers., 24 sweets we can only find in the us (and 5 from canada) we'll then take a look at some of the canuck candy that people struggle to get, not only in the us, but also around the rest of the world..

Canadians love ️ american chocolate bars, especially the ones that are hard to get in canada. enjoy reese's peanut butter cups, watchamacallit, 100 grand, payday, almond joy, butterfinger and more., don't send chocolate. american standards for chocolate are different than canada and it is also usually made in such a way that it doesn't taste good to the canadian palate.. Read the american snack foods you can't get in canada? discussion from the chowhound general discussion, american food community. join the discussion today., there simply isn't a better country to see a movie when you need to stock up on junk food for your purse. pro tip: if you're planning a trip overseas or are looking to surprise someone with a much-needed care package, pack some snacks..

In general, american products or brands that are new are not available in canada. an american product or brand has to be commercially successful in the united states before the producing company will be willing to expand sales to the canadian market. in practice, this is often most noticeable in the supermarket.