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America-statue-of-liberty, the statue of liberty (liberty enlightening the world; french: la liberté éclairant le monde) is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on liberty island in new york harbor within new york city, in the united states.the copper statue, a gift from the people of france to the people of the united states, was designed by french sculptor frédéric auguste bartholdi and its metal framework was built .... "the statue of liberty enlightening the world" was a gift of friendship from the people of france to the united states and is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. the statue of liberty was dedicated on october 28, 1886. it was designated as a national monument in 1924., statue of liberty, new york, united states of america (u.s.a) - nomadlo new york city's statue of liberty, united states, top-visited tourists destination and a gift to the people of america from the people of france..

Conceived as early as 1865 by french intellectual Édouard de laboulaye as a monument to the republican principles shared by france and the usa, the statue of liberty is still a symbol of the ideals of opportunity and freedom., documentary showing the history of the world-famous statue of liberty in new york harbor, the impact it still has on people and the state of liberty as a personal and political concept in america in 1985. plot summary | add synopsis.

Ken burns presents the definitive portrait of america's great lady, in a program nominated for an oscar and an emmy. follow the american icon's life, from creation by french sculptor auguste bartholdi through painstaking construction and accident-prone 1886 dedication., the statue of liberty's history is filled with surprising facts: it wasn't really a gift from france, was almost a lighthouse and it was nearly gold. more than 12 million immigrants entered the....

The statue of liberty holds a torch in her uplifted right hand and a tablet cradled in her left arm. the date of the declaration of independence is inscribed on the tablet in roman numerals - july iv mdcclxxvi (july 4, 1776). sonnet by emma lazarus the granite pedestal upon which the statue stands is 89 feet tall.