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Amdro-mosquito-yard-spray-pets, amdro quick kill mosquito yard spray kills mosquitoes by contact and provides same day control. simply attach your hose to the sprayer, and the liquid mixes automatically as you spray.. Amdro ® ant block ® home perimeter ant bait is effective in the control of 25 species of ants including: acrobat ants, allegheny mound ants, argentine ants, bigheaded ants, black turf ants, carpenter ants, citronella ants, cornfield ants, crazy ants, field ants, fire ants (imported and native), ghost ants, harvester ants, honey ants, lawn ants, little black ants, nuisance ants, odorous house ..., amdro quick kill mosquito control yard spray kills mosquitoes including those that may transmit west nile, zika and chikungunya virus by contact, and provides same day control. simply attach your hose.

Amdro quick kill mosquito yard spray safety data sheet 05/04/2017 en (english us) 5/6 acute : large doses of zeta-cypermethrin, ingested by laboratory animals, may produce signs of toxicity including tremors,, shop amdro quick kill outdoor 32-fl oz insect killer in the pesticides department at lowe's.com. this ready-to-spray product kills over 500 insects fast, so you can confidently reclaim your outdoor space. it’s easy to use – simply attach your